NKU's Presidents Climate Commitment Task Force

The NKU Presidents Climate Commitment Task Force oversees the development and implementation of the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) at Northern Kentucky University.

The Presidents Climate Commitment Task Force is charged with engaging the NKU community in climate change education and emissions reduction efforts. This involves: 

  • Taking immediate actions to reduce NKU's greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Completing an inventory of NKUs greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Producing a long-term Climate Action Plan for NKU that:
  • Establishes a target date and interim milestones for becoming climate neutral; and,
  • Describes how climate change will be integrated into the curriculum.

Task Force Members

Name Department Email Title
Baker, Jeff Environmental Safety bakerje@nku.edu Tech.Sys/Environ.Safety Coord
Blake, Larry Facilities Management blakel1@nku.edu Assistant Vice President
Task Force Co-chair
Bunkley-Boyd, Lisa Parking Services bunkleybol1@nku.edu Supervisor
Chesnut, Jeffrey IT - Customer Service chesnutj@nku.edu Manager
Centers, Wayne Residential Village centersw@nku.edu Residence Hall Director
Cole, Christopher Marketing & Communications colec@nku.edu Director of Communications/Media Rels.
Emerson, Tiffany IT emersont1@nku.edu Writer
Foley, Sean Construction Management foleys@nku.edu Chair
Goode, Jane Campus & Space Planning goodej1@nku.edu Coordinator
Task Force Co-chair
Gough, Maggie University Wellness goughm1@nku.edu Student Wellness Manager
Hackett, Matthew Campus Recreation hackettm2@nku.edu Director
Hamilton, Coleen Univ. Architect, Design & Construction Mgmt. hamiltonm@nku.edu Coordinator
Johnson, Don Procurement Services johnsondon@nku.edu Assoc. Director
Kaeff, Chris --- kaeffw@nku.edu Student
Meeks, Andy Business Operations & Auxiliary Serv. meeksa@nku.edu Director
Metz, John History & Geography metz@nku.edu Faculty
Moulton, Bill Roads & Grounds moultonw1@nku.edu Superintendent
Neumann, Dina Policy, Planning & Budget neumann2@nku.edu Coordinator
Nilson, Jim Marketing & Communications nilsonj@nku.edu Director of Web Communications
Noel, Jeffrey Energy Management Services noel@nku.edu Supervisor
Santos, Rosie ECOS santosr1@nku.edu Student
Schuh, Mary Paula Campus & Space Planning schuh@nku.edu Director
Schuler, Chris ECOS schulerc2@nku.edu Student
Scott, Glenn Building Services scottg1@nku.edu Supervisor
Spinks, Emily Campus Planning spinksel@mymail.nku.edu Student
Vaughn, Gretchen Theatre & Dance vaughng@nku.edu Faculty
Weatherford, Becky Marketing & Communications weatherfo1@nku.edu Web Editor
Wilkinson, Jim Chemistry wilkinsonj1@nku.edu Coordinator